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The Internet-based economy is about to shift gears. The first phase was the Internet revolution - that of acceptance and adoption. Companies have now moved from the pure functionality of portals and web site traffic to the real world of complex transactions enacted in real time. We're about to embark on a new era - the second phase of the Internet. Most companies are beginning to focus on a few but very strategic business processes as services that can be provided or launched via the Internet.

The next generation Internet economy is transforming corporations from being interconnected over virtual private networks to implementing web-based knowledge management systems; from building a secure information network to creating business/consumer portals - an entirely new marketplace is emerging where e-Services is going to play a key role.

We at interPole Solutions are here to be with you through this changing and emerging e-Marketplace, to assist you build the network infrastructure assets, applications, run & manage them to arrive at your e-vision.

interPole's suite of e-Services, which range from security services to Internet Data Center Capabilities and from Network services to Managed Services, are addressed at partnering you to drive this new era. The most critical choice in e-Services isn't only technology, but also your partner. Over four years of experience in the Internet space, and a wide array of successful project implementations during this period, and its strategic tie-ups with partners focused in core areas of the Internet arena make us as the most competent partner to manage your company's migration to the e-World.

While Web site content creation and application development take about 15-20% of total time to Internet, Web Infrastructure management takes more than 75% of the remaining time. Many companies lack the time and expertise to take care of this part.

interPole provides a whole host of solutions from Internet Infrastructure Consulting to Architecture deployment and from Managed Hosting services to Business Intelligence Reporting for your websites to enable you to speed up to the Internet Economy.

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