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The interPole Firewall consists of the following:
A dedicated PC running under Linux environment, which is configured as a firewall and acts as a gateway to all traffic crossing the network barriers. Linux being based on Unix which was the original environment on which the Internet was built and evolved, provides most advanced network interface for setting restrictions. The system runs on plain PC configuration with minimal hardware requirements thus saving on the cost of a new system.

The hardened operating system, high-performance packet filter, virus protection, content filter, application proxies, and the intuitive user interface are installed on the system. The firewall is completely configured either locally by using the graphical administration tool WebAdmin, or from a remote location securely via the Internet. Small and mid-sized businesses no longer need to acquire specialized knowledge to implement a robust security solution. And the ongoing administration of the firewall is easily managed via the Internet.

The functionality of interPole Firewall is based on an especially secure and comprehensively tested Open Source Software that has been developed by leading specialists worldwide. The publicly accessible code was then tested for possible security flaws by thousands of experts.

Hardly any other software has ever been subjected to this intense level of quality assurance. The hardened Linux installation, which has been adapted to suit firewall requirements, meets the highest security standards.

The dynamic stateful packet inspection filter checks the source and target address of the data packets and blocks undesired data traffic while maintaining high throughput. InterPole Firewall allows the division of local networks into separate segments (DMZ - demilitarized zones). Expandable up to 25 network cards supporting even the most complex firewall and WAN scenarios.

Firewall software and policies are set as per the application requirements. Undesired traffic such as Chat services like MSN, Yahoo, etc. can be optionally opened only for certain users on the network. Similarly, file sharing between PCs on the LAN can be enabled such that any PC outside the network cannot snoop onto the private data of the organization, but at the same time provide complete access to the systems within the company.

The Firewall has logging capabilities to review the network access requests and usage. These can also optionally include keep setting up Internet access accounts for users within the office network. This in turn provides for a history of the surfing habits of the users, and allows analyzing the productivity of the staff. At the same time, it allows for other Internet based applications running on other servers behind the firewall to function smoothly without any major modifications in the system.

Access to critical parameters of the system for eg. Setting up firewall policies, user restrictions, etc. are available for modification only to the assigned firewall administrator. Any suspicious activity such as port scans and failed login attempts are reported to the administrator at predefined intervals for action. Usage Reports can also be accessible to the Admin in a graphical form to analyze the Network bandwidth performance of the Cable ISP.

Thus the interPole firewall solution provides isolation of the office network from the rest of the world, set up access policies for users of the internal network to avoid loss of productivity and examine the upstream provider performance

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