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Firewall Protection
Stateful Packet Inspection
Security Proxies for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, DNS, IDENT, SOCKS (e.g. for NetMeeting, ICQ, Real, H.323)
User Authentication for HTTP, SMTP and Socks via Local User Database, Radius, Windows NT/2000
50 Predefined Services
User definable Service and Network Groups
Hacker defense: ICMP flood, TCP SYN flood, UDP flood, Smurf, Trinoo, IP Spoofing
Portscan Detection with Alarming

System Management
Remote Administration via WebAdmin (SSL secured)
System and Pattern Updates via the Internet (PGP secured)
Logging via Syslog, SNMP, ASCII, WELF (WebTrends compatible)
Out-of-band Management via External Modem
Self Monitor for maximizing Uptime
Diagnostic Tools (Ping, Traceroute, TCP-Connect)
Complete Configuration Backup and Restore
Predefined Reports (e.g. Network Usage, HTTP Users, Filter Violations)
High Availability Option (hot standby installation via Serial/Ethernet)

Net-to-Net, Host-to-Net, Host-to-Host
Authentication via Pre-Shared Key (PSK), X.509v3 or RSA
Data Encryption via 3DES, AES (Rijndael), Blowfish or Twofish
Deflate Compression
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
Option: Astaro IPSec Client (by SSH Sentinel) for Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000

MPPE 40- or 128-bit Data Encryption
MSCHAPv2 Authentication

Content Filter
URL Filter (User definable Black- and Whitelists)
Option: Predefined URL Filter (17 Categories with 12 million Domains and 1.9 billion URLs)
Malicious Code Filter (e.g. Java, Javascript, ActiveX)
HTTP Privacy Filter (Cookies, Web Bugs)
Option: Virus Protection for SMTP
Anti-Spam (Sender Address Verification, Realtime Blackhole Lists)
String Filter for SMTP (e.g. Keywords, File Extensions)

Dynamic and Static Network Address Translation (NAT)
PPTP and FTP Passthrough
Load Balancing (Round-Robin, Least Used Connection)
PPPoE Client
DHCP Client and Server
IP Aliasing
Randomized TCP Sequencing
Proxy ARP

Quality of Service/Traffic Shaping
Class based Queuing (CBQ)
Prioritize Traffic by Network, Service, Protocol

Hardware Requirements

400 MHz CPU, 128 MB RAM
Bootable CD-ROM Drive
PCI Ethernet Networkcards (up to 20)

Throughput with a 1266 MHz CPU
730 MBit/s Packet Filter
115 MBit/s IPSec VPN
6,000 email/hour (10KB e-mails) with Virus Protection

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