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MailServ Offerings

Corporate Email Solution

  • Unlimited individual Email accounts you@yourcompany.com
  • Unlimited no. of emails.
  • Uses standard SMTP and POP3 protocol
  • Inter & Intra Office Email system.
  • Dial-in facility to access your emails.
  • Compatible with all standard email clients.
  • Schedule Email uploads/downloads

Internet Proxy & Caching Server

Local users on the LAN can browse the Internet through MailServ. Access can be open to all employees, or restricted to specified employees with authentication based on password and node IP Address. Additionally, elaborate reports on users' surfing habits, access history and search within the logs is possible for each such authenticated user. Objectionable sites can be blocked at the server level. In order to speed up access of sites on low bandwidth connection, caching is provided so that the pages of commonly visited sites are served must faster.

Intranet Web Server

Local Web Server allows you to have your company information and latest updates Online on your local web server available across your offices to all your employees. The server can be also used as a Staging Area for testing web applications and updates before placing them live on the Internet

File and Print Server

Access your MailServ from the Network Neighbourhood of Windows, and use it to store your documents similar to Novell Netware. Also use the MailServ as a Print Server for all your organisational printing.

Outbound Fax facility using a Stand-by modem
Faxes will be queued in the server, and spooled jobs will be transmitted at predefined intervals. Status on the completion of the transmission process will be mailed to the sender. This requires a direct modem and phone line connected to the server in order to send out the faxes.

Centralised and Automated Dialing system
Dial-on demand whenever there is any internet access, and dial on-schedule at defined intervals for Mail Exchange

Dedicated Servers
  Limited time offer on dedicated servers. P4 1.4 GHz with 400 GB traffic. Cost : Rs. 7???  
Sunday Support
  "I never expected to get help from Interpole on a Sunday, when my mailbox was being bombed. You exceeded my expectations" - Paresh Patel (Acenetworks)  

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