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InterPole’s Co-Location solution is ideal for businesses that already own their own servers or those who wish to purchase their own. On account of our volumes, outsourcing from InterPole reduces costs while increasing performance and reliability. At InterPole, we offer secure co-location space for your Web servers and other related hardware in our state-of-the-art Internet Data Centers. We provide a range of space options from cages to racks, and ample power and bandwidth for your Web hosting applications. It is the perfect solution if you own the equipment and require the ultimate in reliability and scalability. With InterPole Co-Location, you have all the control that goes with having your own server, plus tremendous bandwidth, superb reliability, enhanced security and easier management.
Co-Location Options:

1. Rack Space
a). Quarter Rack
b). Half Rack
c). Full Rack
d). Cage

2. Monitoring (included)
a). URL / Network Monitoring
b). MRTG, for online Bandwidth utilization
c). Web statistics and Reports

3. Advanced Monitoring (optional)
a). CPU Memory, File Area utilization
b). Process restarts
c). Threshold alarms

4. Managed Services
a). Firewall Services
b). Virtual Private Networks
c). Backup Services
d). Firewalls
e). Load Balancing
f). Storage Services
g). Bandwidth Provision

5. Support
a). Basic Support
b). Platinum Support

Dedicated Servers
  Limited time offer on dedicated servers. P4 1.4 GHz with 400 GB traffic. Cost : Rs. 7???  
Online Accounts
  InterPole is launching an Accounting Panel soon. You will get to see all invoices raised on you, and the payments you have submitted at a glance.  

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