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Dedicated Servers

InterPole has its infrastructure setup at 4 datacenters in India and 3 other data centers in USA.With this, InterPole can provide the unique proposition of hosting your mission critical dedicated server at the location of your choice. You get to choose the location on the basis of your target audience, network linkages and geographical proximity.

Through our vast experience in managing servers for our hosting business, InterPole has an excellent technical team who can provide the support you need, LIVE!.

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Linux Server
Redhat Linux Server
Windows Server
Windows Server

InterPole Internet Managed Hosting InterPole Internet Managed Hosting
Other Dedicated Services

PrivateNet Keep your backend servers secure behind public HTTP servers
Load Balancing Distribute your traffic amongst multiple servers
Complex Hosting High Availability & Hot Failover Configurations
Backup Backup your Filesystems, Databases on DLT using Legato Backup Solution
Virtual DNS Your own set of Nameservers with Web front end to manage it
Firewall Setup your access policies and block open ports


About the Datacenter  
Infrastructure What goes into our state of the art IDC

Our network and uplinks

Location Our USA and Indian data centers
SLA Our strong Service Level Agreements

Sunday Support
  "I never expected to get help from Interpole on a Sunday, when my mailbox was being bombed. You exceeded my expectations" - Paresh Patel (Acenetworks)  
Dedicated Servers
  Limited time offer on dedicated servers. P4 1.4 GHz with 400 GB traffic. Cost : Rs. 7???  

InterPole Internet Managed Hosting InterPole Internet Managed Hosting
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