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Managed Services

Interpole being a web hosting provider with its roots in the hosting industry since 1997, undertakes Managed Services as part of its service offerings. The customer transfers administrative access of the server to Interpole. Interpole then takes control of the server, and perform regular maintenance and monitoring of the server. These services include application server uptime monitoring, and rectification, email server administration, security auditing, and installation of service packs and upgrades.

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InterPole Internet Managed Hosting InterPole Internet Managed Hosting
Managed Services

Server Management Server monitoring, patches, upgrades, Memory & CPU thresholds of your servers hosted at your office or IDC.
Network Management Monitor your corporate LAN/WAN remotely, and identify bottlenecks & routing and uplink problems.
Monitoring Monitor service ports, and raise alarms on status change to your mailbox or mobile device.
Mail Management Manage Qmail based Mail servers and maintain user accounts, virus & spam protection.
Security Management Firewall management and policy update to secure your LAN/WAN/VPN and web infrastructure.
DNS Management Setup redundant DNS to ensure utmost uptime of your websites
Backup Management Provide GBs of remote storage of your data securely, and fast recovery in case of disaster.



Sunday Support
  "I never expected to get help from Interpole on a Sunday, when my mailbox was being bombed. You exceeded my expectations" - Paresh Patel (Acenetworks)  
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InterPole Internet Managed Hosting InterPole Internet Managed Hosting
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