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Backup Management

InterPole provides off-the-network backups for your critical and time-sensitive data. InterPole has servers specifically designed for the task of remote data storage. We install agents on the customer's server which at defined intervals, generate a backup file on the desired data, such as File systems, Database, Mails, etc. This data is then encoded with strong encryption techniques, compressed and then sent over SCP (Secure FTP protocol) to our data server located at a remote IDC. Thus the data is virtually un-readable by anybody apart from the customer.

The data is stored, and archives are rotated in as per the backup rotation policy as discussed in conjunction with the customer. With this, the customer gets access to historical data quite easily and can retrieve the data to his local system as and when required. This method of data backup and restore works on any operating system and internet connectivity at the customer location.

This solution defeats the purpose of investing in expensive backup and disaster recovery solutions like Legato and Veritas.

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