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DNS Management

A Domain Name Server (DNS) translates domain names to IP Addresses, so that users of the systems may use easy-to-remember alphabetic names to the various devices and servers used by them. Everytime you use a domain name, a DNS server somewhere is responsible for this transalation.

InterPole provides its redundant DNS servers located geographically apart, to serve such requests for its customers. Once a customer registers a domain, we setup a DNS to point to a live public IP. It is also of good convenience to have the IP of various servers on your WAN to be accessible with names rather than IP Addresses. InterPole can provide this mapping to you as part of our DNS Management Services.

InterPole also provides virtual Name Servers, where the customer can register domains using their own custom nameservers, (NS.YOURDOMAIN.COM, NS2.YOURDOMAIN.COM) instead of ours. In such cases, we setup and manage the virtual DNS for the client.

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