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Managed Mail

The mail service runs entirely on the servers of the client. InterPole installs its daemons and tools to make the mail server robuts and feature-rich. To access mails from these server, the users need to connect to the Internet and download them to their individual PC or view them in the browser-based Webmail System. There is no special setup required at the user's premises.

Email Access URL of http://mail.yourdomain.com
Disk Space for storage of Mails, Addressbook
POP3/ IMAP access
SMTP Relay
Email Aliases
Auto Responders
Mailing Lists
Daily Email Usage Statistics
Web Based Mail Manager
Web Based Email/Folders/Addressbook
Daily Mail Backups
Technical support through Email, MSN, Phone

More Details on our Managed Mail Solution

Backend Implementations

Sunday Support
  "I never expected to get help from Interpole on a Sunday, when my mailbox was being bombed. You exceeded my expectations" - Paresh Patel (Acenetworks)  
Dedicated Servers
  Limited time offer on dedicated servers. P4 1.4 GHz with 400 GB traffic. Cost : Rs. 7???  

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