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InterPole offers a complete solution to website monitoring that does not require downloads or software to install. We monitor your site over the web, notify you upon failures and report on your site's responsiveness.

InterPole lets you know when your site is down. Unlike services that run on your server, which can give you a false sense of security, we monitor your site from the web. If your site is inaccessible for any reason, we will alert you.


  • Site monitoring with configurable intervals.
  • You can monitor an unlimited number of servers with one account. This allows you to see all your servers and their current status from a single screen.
  • We can monitor HTTP, E-Mail (SMTP or POP3), FTP and any other protocols. We let you know exactly what failed on your server, not just a generic failure message.

Notification and Escalation

  • Upon a failure, we will contact any number of contacts through e-mail or SMS gateways. Dial-up pager access is supported for a small fee.
  • You can setup contacts to be notified after a certain amount of downtime. This means that you can have contacts notified immediately and if your server is still down after a set time, additional contacts can be notified. There is no limit to how many contacts or escalations you can set up.

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