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Network Management

Interpole provides its infrastructure and expertise in managing corporate LAN and WAN. Due to the vast spreadout of InterPole across 6 geographically distinct locations, we can monitor your network uptime and performance from various regions. Routing or uplink problems can lead to your network being inaccessible from certain locations, without your knowledge. We bridge the gap by setting up our monitors at these locations, and report you on failure of any of your links.

Rapid Implementation

One of the largest obstacles in deploying a network monitoring/management solution is its long implementation period. IT organizations and resources are already stretched across many high-priority projects. Having to spend months and, sometimes, years to implement a network monitoring/management solution and to train network administrators is not acceptable.

However, letting InterPole do your network management has a very short implementation period. We install the solution, scan and map their network, set up notification, and start monitoring their network within a matter of a few hours. Robust reporting and notification features can be implemented from 2 days to 1 week. The power of a network monitoring/management service is the rich information it can provide you to run your business. The faster it is up and running the sooner you are able to stop managing your network blindfolded.

Isolate problems fast

It has always been a guessing game to identify the root cause of a network problem. Network administrators have often been unaware of a problem in the network until the end-users call the network administrators to complain about slow response or no response from the network. There are just too many network variables for the administrators to rely on. With our network management tools, our NOC can quickly identify the problem. Our robust monitoring tools check device availability down to the interface level. When a particular port on a router goes down, we pinpoint the problem interface. With this robustness, network administrators can get right to solving the problem, not wasting time trying to locate the problem. We also monitor system resources and overall load on the network. The resultant information can be used to make informed and cost-effective capacity planning decisions.

Remote Access

On identification of a network failure, InterPole can either advise the customer of the problem, or if possible, correct the problem themselves. Even when a system alert occurs in the middle of the night, our NOC can logon to and diagnose the system problem without having to travel into the customer's office.

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