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InterPole uses both open source and proprietary products for implementing security on your LAN, WAN, VPN and Servers.

Our security daemon for securing servers has the following prime features:
Runs on server bootup
Acts as software firewall solution
No single point of failure unlike normal firewalls
No performance bottleneck

The daemon offers a number of different levels of built-in security and monitoring enhancements concerning unauthorized access, particularly when wanting a higher level of security for the credit card operations, as well as for other e-commerce functions and email servers. It uses a variety of packages to assist system administrators in securing network traffic to the server. It includes monitoring tools to inform the administrator of security attacks breaches or malicious activity.

Servers using the system are set up to close off all but the most essential network ports to the server, filtering out unauthorized access. The remaining ports are configured to allow only specific machines to connect to the hosting server. In addition, the ports are monitored constantly, logging unauthorized requests and sending email alerts to the system administrator of any suspicious activity. The software also filters out any network requests from any suspicious IP addresses. The software is fully integrated on the servers and set to start when the server boots.

Additional software monitors system logs, searching a database of information that has been recorded and logged by the operating system. The final step is a secure replacement for telnet access to the server, which uses encrypted transmission between client and server. This lets our system administrators limit access to the server, in some cases using "secure keys" before allowing access to the server.

As part of our Managed Security services, InterPole undertakes a comprehensice review of the security policies, creates solutions and implements them for the customer. Service offerings included, but not limited to:

Firewall Services
Anti-virus Solutions
Network Security

Dedicated Servers
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Shared Solutions

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