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Server Management

InterPole provides its specialisation in managing servers on Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms. In the most common scenario, enterprises have their servers colocated with an ISP or IDC. There also are a sizable number of companies who have application servers hosted in their office over ADSL, ISDN or leased lines. We take away the task of continually managing and maintaining the services to its optimal capacity, and resolve issues even before they are noticed by your users.

At the InterPole NOC, we operate our monitoring servers which poll your servers at defined intervals and capture performance data to our logger software. This lets us know in advance when the server is under load, falling short on resources, or is being abused by a user.

InterPole Internet Managed Hosting InterPole Internet Managed Hosting
HTTP Service Monitoring
Monitoring of HTTP Port
Checkup of several apache / IIS modules like gzip module, cgi-bin, PERL/PHP/ASP modules, etc. for vulnerabilities, patches
HTTP uptime and monitoring, continuous checking of port uptime with bot programs.


Log Checking and Reporting
System logs are checked for unusual events on regular basis
Reporting of unusual system incidents
Checking of server access logs and error logs for HTTP and take appropriate actions and reporting
Monitoring of other custom applications logs


Installation of Agents
Agents to monitor system processes, and generate alerts when a process crashes
SNMP agents for fetching performance counters of system resources
Uplink performance monitor for logging network latency of IDC or ISP.


Server Health Monitoring
Server is continuously monitored for Ethernet Traffic, Disk, Memory, CPU and Swap Utilisation, Processes, Database Transactions and many more parameters
Live access to the server state is provided to the customer to view server performance over 5 minute, 30 minutes, 1 day and 1 week intervals.


Patches and Service Pack Installation
Service packs of the OS are checked for updates everyday, and installed as and when available.
Application patches are installed in hours after release.


Scheduled Backups
The backups of configuration files, Data, databases, user accounts are taken at scheduled intervals as per client requirement
Rotation of archives and backup management cycle for fast restoration in case of failure.


Other Services
Services not covered above, such as installation of applications, application servers, database installation, database optimisation, etc. are provided additionally using the expertise that are available in-house. These services are provided on an hourly rate basis. Before undertaking the relevant service assignment, an estimate in terms of manhour(s) will be indicated to complete the activity.

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InterPole Internet Managed Hosting InterPole Internet Managed Hosting
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