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The team at Interpole Solutions has been a pioneer in providing solutions on Streaming Media in India, since 1998. The team has successfully undertaken digitisation projects of entertainment majors, based on the expertise available in-house. Interpole aims to provide its clients more cost effective, efficient and interactive communication experience. Spearheading the emerging trends in convergence of media & technology, the company is creating compelling innovative media, which reaches out to larger audiences worldwide - providing a complete Interactive communication experience.

Interpole specializes in providing webcasting and technical services, which include LIVE and deferred live webcasting, archival and hosting and live chats. Some of the projects undertaken by the team includes Live webcast of Film Awards functions, catering to thousands of global visitors over a short period of time.

Webcasting Media Formats
Real Networks
Real Networks has been the earliest entrants in the streaming media application formats. A powerhouse streaming system that supports a pay-per-view business models, and lets you offer in-stream advertising to boost your Net revenue.

Windows Media Technologies
Microsoft® Windows Media™ Services running on Windows® 2000 provides organizations with a digital media platform that offers employees, partners, and customers exceptional scalability, reliability, and quality. This enables organizations to take corporate communications to the next level and keep pace in today's competitive environment.


Application Environments for Webcasting Services

Business-to-business solutions for bandwidth providers & portals
Corporate webcasting for Product / company launches
Cross boundary meetings
Conferences, exhibitions & seminars Press Conferences
Private parties
Special occasions

Webcasting allows Executives to communicate effectively from anywhere around the world, among themselves as well as sending message across to their group leaders and other employees from the convenience of their desks, using multimedia rich contents.

The major difference between traditional Broadcasting and Webcasting is the interaction with the audience. The Internet makes webcasting more attractive because of convenience (from the end users desktop) and reduced cost of delivering interactive presentations via the Internet to audiences anytime, anywhere in the world.

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