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Get scalable, reliable, cost-effective delivery

Small broadcasters, ISPs, enterprises and global content-distribution networks all realize huge benefits from the flexible deployment of self-aware, distributed server networks that reliably scale to reach large audiences.

  • Create a self-aware systemŚNeuralcast Communications Protocol enables all servers to act as one by providing information about capacity allocation and capacity fail over in the event of equipment or network issues.
  • Increase reliability and ensure stream availability with live redundancy, deploying multiple RealProducers to feed a server
  • Lower administration costs with RealSystem Server Administrator, enabling on-the-fly remote configuration and monitoring
  • Cut bandwidth costs in distributed networks by injecting content at the closest RealSystem Server, reducing the need to backhaul content to a central location
Deploy across multiple operating systems

RealSystem Server supports an open, standards-based, cross-platform architecture:

OS IndependenceŚRealSystem supports 11 operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, IRIX and FreeBSD

Most Extensible ArchtectureŚRealSystem supports over 1,000 APIs with over 800 products, services and technologies shipping from partner companies

Standards LeadershipŚRealNetworks participates in the IETF, W3C, MPEG Working Group and the Content Alliance Coalition. Benefits include RealSystem Server support for MP3 files and delivery of QuickTime content to QuickTime players


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